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A beta reader tests your unreleased work once the edit is complete.

An integral part of publishing, through your beta reader you'll receive feedback from the point of view of an average reader.

Reading Glasses on Book

Why hire me as a beta reader?

As an avid reader, and author myself, I come at the beta reading process from two different angles.

Looking at your novel from the point of view of the average reader I can point out what does and does not work in regards to your genre, target audience and age group. 

From the point of view of an author I can provide feedback on plot holes, character development, worldbuilding and your voice as an author.

Last but not least, I pride myself on providing both empathy and honesty. By letting me know up-front exactly what you are expecting I can provide a review that is completely tailored to you. Not looking for feedback on a particular segment, and need a bit of emotionally-protective padding on my opinions? I'm happy to oblige. Looking for straight-up brutal honesty? You've got it.

What will you receive?

My beta reading process begins with an interview. During this conversation we will determine what you are hoping to get from my beta read once I am finished. Do you have specific concerns you'd like me to focus more on? Aspects you'd like me to focus less on? How do you prefer to receive critique?

Once my read is through, I will send you the following:

  • A detailed report on your manuscript (on average 5-10 pages in length, depending on your page count)

  • Correction of minor typos/grammatical errors *

  • In-line comments throughout your manuscript with feedback on particular paragraphs

*As this is not a detailed copy edit, please do not rely on my edits to be your final edits for typos and grammatical errors. These will be noted if I catch them and are not the main focus of a beta read.

Rates and payment methods

My rate is $1 per 500 words, which means you pay $0.002 per word. 

Payments are done through PayPal only and are processed 50% up front and 50% upon completion. At the time of completion you will receive a watermarked preview of the work I've completed, at which point final payment can be sent. Once final payment is received, we will have a final chat and you will receive full documentation.

My turnaround time is two weeks, but I am happy to provide rush services for an additional $30 (1 week rush) or $50 (5 day rush)

Step 1:

Submit payment for half of 

your manuscript's length.

(0.002 x [word count])

Include the full rate of your rush 

fee if needed.

Step 2:

Email me to set up our pre-read


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