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A content editor examines your complete work, paragraph by paragraph rather than line by line. Providing you with markups that address completeness, flow, and the construction of your ideas, this edit will ensure you are speaking in the correct voice and that your story reads smoothly.

Green Typewriter

Why hire me as a content editor?

If you're looking for editing beyond beta reading, the content edit is a great choice going into copy editing and proofreading. When you hire me for content editing services, you'll be hiring my entire 2+ decade background in the literary and graphic novel industries.

Content editing provides a thorough, in-depth review of your entire manuscript.

My main focuses in doing this are plot, character, and voice. Unlike beta reading, a content edit involves revision, reshaping and development, all of which I will guide you on.

Once the content edit is complete your novel will be ready for its final copy edit!

What will you receive?

My content editing process begins with an interview. During this conversation we will determine what you want your final manuscript to look like. Do you have a big plot hole you've skipped over that needs reworking? Is your main character weak? While I will be looking at everything, knowing your prominent concerns helps me be aware of where to focus first.

Once I have done my first read-through, I will send you the following:

  • Your original manuscript featuring in-line comments on problem areas

  • An accompanying index document of suggested alterations

  • Correction of minor typos/grammatical errors *

*As this is not a detailed copy edit, please do not rely on my edits to be your final edits for typos and grammatical errors. These will be noted if I catch them and are not the main focus of a content edit.

Rates and payment methods

My rate is $2 per 500 words, which means you pay $0.004 per word. 

Payments are done through PayPal only and are processed 50% up front and 50% upon completion. At the time of completion you will receive a watermarked preview of the work I've completed, at which point final payment can be sent. Once final payment is received, we will have a final chat and you will receive full documentation.

My turnaround time is two weeks, but I am happy to provide rush services for an additional $30 (1 week rush) or $50 (5 day rush)

Step 1:

Submit payment for half of 

your manuscript's length.

(0.002 x [word count])

Include the full rate of your rush 

fee if needed.

Step 2:

Email me to set up our pre-read


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