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As a content writer, I specialize in providing relevant content for websites.

By examining your target audience and doing the appropriate research, I can create landing pages and articles that improve your site's SEO.


Why hire me as a content writer?

Because I'm really good at it! Ok I joke, but that is honestly one of the reasons.

In the past I have been employed full-time as a content writer where I covered sites for tattoo artists, arborists, decking specialists, HVAC companies, restaurants and more!

During this stint, I would produce enough quality pages to gain my maximum bonus each week, raising the bar on our team as a whole and increasing productivity across the board.

Offering creativity, a passion for research and 130wpm typing speeds, you can't go wrong.

What will you receive?

With a new content writing contract, we will start off with a video interview to chat about the work you're looking to have done and the keywords you are focusing on. If you do not have keywords you are focusing on, we will discuss which could be used.

Once we have determined what you're looking for, I will send you the following:

  • The completed content pages

  • The accompanying list of keywords used in your content

*Implementation of content on your websites is not included

Rates and payment methods

My rate is $0.05 per word, meaning one 500 word page of content will cost you $25.

Payments are done through PayPal only and are processed 50% up front and 50% upon completion. At the time of completion you will receive a watermarked preview of the work I've completed, at which point final payment can be sent. Once final payment is received, you will be sent the non watermarked content.

My turnaround time is dependent on the amount of work expected. But if you require a rush job, rush rates are available starting at $25.

Step 1:

Submit payment for half of 

your expected content length.

(0.05 x [word count])

Step 2:

Email me to set up our consultation

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