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A strong novel starts with a strong concept.

A developmental editor will help you to get off to a good start via big picture discussions that help you take your beginning inspirations or concepts and turn them into a solid outline

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Why hire me as a developmental editor?

Do you have the seed of a good idea? Are you not too sure if it really is a good idea? When you hire me for developmental editing services, you'll be hiring my entire 2+ decade background in the literary and graphic novel industries. With this background we can turn your initial concept into a strong outline so you can get started writing with confidence.

Developmental editing provides a primarily plot-based big picture look at your novel, focusing on organization, structure and flow - in essence, building its foundation.

By sorting out irrelevant material and lining up key plot points you can avoid plot holes and write a winning first draft right out of the gate.

What will you receive?

I have two different approaches to developmental editing.  


1) The conceptual edit 

In a conceptual developmental edit I will not expect you to have any sort of outline in place. Together, we will flesh out the progression of your novel. This can be done via a series of calls, or an initial call followed by follow-up conversations via Discord chat. In the end you will have all the tools to write your outline.

2) The outline edit

The outline edit begins with a phone call where we discuss your writing goals and any specific areas you're worried about in your outline. Once I have done my first read-through, I will send you the following:

  • Your original outline featuring in-line comments on problem areas

  • A 1-2 page outline report featuring more in-depth suggestions for plot and concept

*Both developmental editing methods can be combined for a lengthier concept to manuscript edit

Rates and payment methods

As developmental editing is more ambiguous than your usual word count editing, this will be determined on a per-project basis. However, you can get an idea of cost by keeping in mind a $50/hour call rate and $0.03/word charge for outline reading.

Payments are done through PayPal

If your work requires no outline reading: Multiple calls may be scheduled but the first will be an hour in length. You must pay the full $50 rate prior to booking, and we will move forward from there.


If your work requires outline reading: The charge is 50% up front and 50% upon completion. At the time of completion you will receive a watermarked preview of the work I've completed, at which point final payment can be sent. Once final payment is received, we will have a final chat and you will receive full documentation.

My turnaround time for reading is one week, but I am happy to provide rush services for an additional $20 (5 days) or $35 (2 days).

Step 1:

Submit payment for half of 

your manuscript's length.

(0.03 x [word count])
$50 for your initial call.

Include the full rate of your rush 

fee if needed.

Step 2:

Email me to set up our first call!

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