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A Time When Demons

Aeres Cadogan never gave a second thought to the magick flowing through her veins. That is, until a prank gone wrong makes her sit up and pay attention. Plunged into a dark new domain where betrayal and death are all too real, she must harness her abilities and set her world right once again.

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Keaira, Alethea, and Jacob are living out ordinary lives until they find themselves drawn into the warring world of Synterra. Suddenly the concerns of finding a job, sorting out their romantic relationships and settling on a University major seem very small. Synterra is a world the trio could only dream of in their wildest fantasies, and now it’s their job to defend it.

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Being the sibling to someone important can be difficult, but it's even worse when your brother is the Lord of Hell. Raised as a secondary and unnecessary child in Ancient Rome; Reth's quest for power was constant. On the banks of the Tiber, he begged for greatness and was answered - by none other than his own brother, who gladly took the opportunity to trap him as a shadow in the depths of Hell for eternity. Until one very unique magickal practitioner made the decision to set him free.

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Untitled Dark Academia set in Victorian Montreal featuring secret societies and serial killers.

Draft to be created NaNoWriMo 2024

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