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Holly K.


Wielding a strong command of the English language, an imagination drawing from both the mundane and fantastical, paired with 130WPM typing speeds, I'm looking to work with energetic teams of creatives focused on producing final works that will positively impact the lives of others!
The thing that brings me the most joy in the world is connecting artists with one another, and working with them to see how far our imaginations can take us. And, with my experience both managing and participating in larger projects in a plethora of roles, I'm a great addition to any team.

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work history


Haunted Montreal

2021 - current

Blue Pin Studio

2020 - current

Holly Rhiannon

Community Manager, Video Producer, Host

  • Produce videos for the Haunted Montreal YouTube Channel

  • Manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit

  • Coordinate with the company owner for promotions and collaborations

Video Game Script Writer

  • Craft the overarching storyline and write the script for Blue Pin Studio's upcoming game

Author, Community Manager, Video Producer, Host

  • Facilitate a writing channel focused on educating fledgling authors

  • Promote NaNoWriMo, run writing sprints for productivity, and create "day in the life of" style videos that mimic the habits of famous writers

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Red River College


University of Manitoba

Product Management Certification

Identify Problems Worth Solving
Learn how to identify market opportunities and user needs, allowing you to build successful products and solutions and become a Product Manager.

Develop a Go-to-market Strategy
Create a comprehensive product launch, including defining your minimum viable product, positioning, and pricing.

Manage Agile Teams
Gain a strong understanding of scrum, the Agile methodology, and project management framework to enable quick iterations and improvements.

Professional Photography Diploma (honours)

Digital image manipulation, lighting, SLR camera operation, Exposure, Composition, Printing, Editing, Retouching, Processing, Marketing, Project Management and Entrepreneurial skills

Bachelor of Fine Arts (in progress)

Included two courses taught by world-renowned film-maker Guy Maddin (2009)

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